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அமெரிக்க தமிழ் மருத்துவ சங்கம்


The AIDS children program was started by collaborative efforts of ATMA, CMC and other donors from India. ATMA donated $15,000 from the proceedings of 2nd, Annual ATMA Convention at Parsippany NJ in 2006.

The ATMA Pediatric AIDS Program at CMC Vellore provides comprehensive care to a group of 30 children who are HIV positive. A team of social workers, counselors and physicians offer both free clinical services and psychosocial support. The children receive free medical care, counseling, access to nutritional supplements, and long-term follow-up and care. Once a month, the children and their caretakers meet with CMC staff to discuss any issues they are having with their health, school, or family. 

Since the program began, great strides have been made in the management of pediatric AIDS in these children- their overall health, CD4 count, development have improved drastically. They aim to expand the program to include more children in the Vellore area since the number of cases of pediatric AIDS far exceeds the current resources of the program. The children of Vellore are counting on your support and dedication to improving the lives of a vulnerable, yet resilient population.

CMC has provided financial statements every year and currently less than 2 lakhs of the 2006 contribution is left as per the last update. They are restricted from taking more children in the program because they will not be able to continue the same level of care and follow up of these children.  Hence your contribution is most valuable at this juncture. 

At some point when these children are able to care for them self they will be discharged with necessary education and work skills to sustain them self in the public.