American Tamil Medical Association

அமெரிக்க தமிழ் மருத்துவ சங்கம்


ATMA is glad to announce the initiation of Volunteer ATMA Program (VAP). Volunteering has been the backbone of ATMA ever since its foundation. ATMA members are already making a difference in our own small way here as well as back home. The success of this program relies on people like you, who are volunteering for the cause of improving the health of the underprivileged.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is a VAP application form available on the website that can be downloaded by interested volunteers. The applicants can fill out the form and scan and email to ATMA will carefully screen and evaluate the volunteer applicants. Once the applicants are approved to VAP, they will be referred to the organization of their interest.

Not to mention all the benefits that volunteering brings in, VAP volunteers get to volunteer in an organization that they are interested in. VAP volunteers get to learn new skills and also offer their expertise to the ATMA PRC approved projects. In addition a letter of reference will be provided by the ATMA president as well as the ATMA approved projects director.

No, As ATMA is a non-for profit, there is no funds separately allocated to this program. We will try to secure some funds for this program in the future. But the PRC approved member organization may be able to provide a subsidized cost for food and lodging.
At this time ATMA has not separately allocated funds for VAP. So at this time ATMA will not be able to pay for travel or accommodation. ATMA might be able to secure funds for travel, food or lodging for VAP volunteers in the future.

ATMA members themselves who visit TamilNadu for a vacation or who stay for few months. ATMA members’ kids or grandkids who have wanted to serve the underserved or who wish to gain experience from working in PRC approved projects. VAP volunteers do not have to be ATMA members as the application for VAP is open to members as well as non-members. Ultimately people who will benefit the most are the underserved, rural community or the organization itself where the VAP volunteers will serve.

There is no time limit for being a VAP volunteer. It can be anywhere from one day to one year or more. Even 10 minutes spent at these organizations offering your expertise is a volunteering in itself. But reasonably a VAP volunteer is expected to be volunteering for a minimum of one month.

No, absolutely not. Even if you are a ten year old or eighty year old, VAP is ready to accept you as a volunteer.
As volunteers are always appreciated and ATMA does support any health care projects any skills related to health care is a plus. Even if you are a good typist, a good communicator, or a people person, the PRC projects can use your help with or without these skills.
Once you are accepted, you will be referred to the organization that you are interested in volunteering. Apart from that you would have to sign an agreement form with ATMA and then you should be ready to make your travel plans.